The Virgin Mary Statue

    My mom grew up Catholic and as a baby, every Sunday, my parents took me to Sacred Heart Catholic Church. In May 22, 1994 my parents baptized me in Sacred Heart church. When I was 16 I began doing my sacraments. The Sacred Heart church became our place where I could dedicate my time to God in prayers. 

    In April of 2011 I did my first communion in Sacred Heart church and a year later in May 2012 I did my confirmation. As a gift for my confirmation, my mother gave me a statue of the Virgin Mary. This statue of the Virgin Mary is so special to me because my pastor blessed the statue and it represents my faith. 

    My mother always taught me to never lose my faith. My family and I lived in a basement. The basement we lived in was in very poor condition. I sometimes saw my mother crying because she wanted a better life for us. My mother began applying to new apartments but she kept getting denied. Every night I would pray to my Virgin Mary statue to help us. In the summer of 2015 my prayers were answered because my mother got offered a new apartment in a brand new building. When we moved in to our new apartment the first thing I brought with me was my Virgin Mary statue. Now every day before I leave to school, I pray that God protects me and my family.      

– Yendira Hernandez

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