The Quran

The item of my choice is the Quran, the Quran is a special item from Allah to prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). It was revealed to him in Arabic. The Quran is different from many books, on like others the Quran contains the words of Allah. The Quran is the sacred book in Islam, and sometimes refer as the only book. The book have the guidance of the fundamental of Muslims lives, and it's divided into chapters, which are then separated into versus. To begins with, the Quran thought the principle of Islam, meaning that, how i should live my life in the most purify way through obeying the words of Allah. By going to the Masjid, reading, praying. The Quran taught me how to obey my elders and listening to others. It taught me how to live in a easy life without disrupting others. It taught me how to handle difficult problems. Most of all the Quran taught me never disrespect your parents no matter what they do to you and when you really think about it is true because at the end of the day they the one that brought you to live. That's one thing I appreciated myself and my parents the fact that they had taught me to read the Quran and understanding the definition of it.  My father immigrated to the U.S as a very religious man who follows the Quran and its guidelines. While in the U.S he taught me to live my life according to the Quran. 

Year: 1998

– Binta Bah

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