Potatoes & Plantains

White Potatoes
White Potatoes

The image that I have chosen is a Puerto Rican dish that represents my culture. I am Puerto Rican and my family is from Puerto Rico. The dish I choose is called Relleno de Papa or you can call it Relleno de Platano. If you make it out of potatoes then it would be called  Relleno de Papa. If you make it out of plantains it is called Relleno de Platano. This dish is simple: it is a ball of potato or plantain filled with meat. I believe that each culture has a dish that best represents their culture. My culture is all about food and family. In the year 1986 my grandmother and grandfather moved from Puerto Rico to Connecticut with their 7 children. The reason for the move was because my grandfather was able to find a better job. My culture is family oriented and we are always looking out for each other.  My grandmother reminds me and my cousins of our culture through cooking. This was the first dish my grandma taught us. Me and my cousins have never been to Puerto Rico. Even though I have never gone, I still feel like I am sharing my culture when I cook for others. The power of not only cooking the meal but eating and sharing it with friends and family. In my opinion this is why so many people want to come to America. We accept all different cultures and people come from all over the world. 

Place(s): Juana in Puerto Rico
Year: 1986

– AS

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant