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When mixing the ingredients
When mixing the ingredients

In my country, Haiti, there is a condiment called pikliz. Pikliz is cabbage, carrot, sweet pepper, scotch bonnet peppers vinegar and bouillon cubes mixed together. It is often seasoned with garlic and onion and pickled in white vinegar and looks like coleslaw. Piklis is used for fritay  and fritay is a plate of fried plantain, fried pork and fritters. Piklis are important to me because it’s a tradition in my country and it is used in  most food.  When I eat pikliz, it makes me remember Haiti. Pliklis is like hot sauce because you can put it on any food to make it taste good. Haitain people eat pikliz because most people like spicy food, and if the food is not spicy you just add some pikliz. My favorite dish is griot which is fried pork and pikliz. I also like it on black rice and fried plantains. Most Haitians make pikliz whenever they are cooking anything dry, for example fried plantain, fried pork, black rice, fried fish. When we celebrate a person’s birthday in my family, my aunt will cook some food for example:  black rice, fried pork, beef sauce, fried plantain, and pikliz next to it. In every Haitain house there is pikliz. 

Place(s): Haiti

– SP

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