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PlayStation 2

My chosen object is my original Playstation 2 that I got back in 2011. It has visible wear and tear on it but it is natural considering that it's over 23 years old. It has traveled from New York to Maryland to Virginia and back to Maryland. I only use it when I'm nostalgic and bored at my great-grandma’s house. When I first received it I thought that it was way too old to play on and actually enjoy but soon after I realized I was completely wrong I actually enjoyed it more than the ps3 I got 3 years later. Back in 2011 my sister, my mom, and I used to play GTA: San Andreas on it and it brought us joy. It was one of my most memorable times when I was younger. It was also my first PlayStation console, so It is a big part of my heart. Every time I look at it or play on it, it brings me great joy and memories. So my Playstation 2 represents a time when I could enjoy games with my family at my great-grandmom’s house.

– D.J.

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