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The Gaming PC I current own
The Gaming PC I current own

  • People chose something family related, like a pendant their grandmother gave them. I, however, choose my current personal computer. It’s something that means a lot to me due to me actually earning something of that value ($1000). I earned money during the summer of 2019. My chemistry teacher had an offer for Project SEED over at Northeastern University to be a lab assistant for. Seeing as I liked science and it paid immensely ($2700!) I accepted the job. Over the summer I learned a lot about Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and I did it with another classmate of mine who was there mainly for the money, which I don’t blame. This isn’t the only reason why it’s special, but it’s special because of my previous PC which my dad bought. 
  • It was Christmas day of 2016 and my dad got me a Gaming PC which at the time was bad for gaming PC standards, but I didn’t know or care at the time. This is what kickstarted my love for PC gaming -- the fluidity, the graphics, the sheer amount of games including emulating games from other game consoles. Oh my god, it was a blast! However, what I said about the gaming PC being bad, that’s one of the main reasons for my new PC now. My PC had no problem playing simple games, but when it came to games like NieR: Automata and Overwatch on high settings made me rather annoyed at the fact I couldn’t even enjoy the games from creators I loved dearly. I put up with this from December of 2016 to July of 2019. That worry eventually channeled itself to finding said internship at Northeastern.  And I’m glad I took it. 


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