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Chess Board
Chess Board

If you would ask me an important object to name that has affected my life the most so far, I would say a chess board. It is an everyday object to some people so people might think, "how is it important to you?" You will soon see why it is so important to me.  One reason it is important to me is that all of my friend’s at school play chess, and if you think that is not impressive, have you won 3 national championships in chess? I did not think so. Have you built a strong community with a game? Imagine having those memories that I just said. That is one reason that my object is a chess board.       My second reason is that my father and my grandpa both play chess. Without chess I would only see my grandpa 2 times a year but with chess I see him once a week. Without a chess board I would not have a reason to see my grandpa as often. If my dad did not get me into chess I would not be spending more time with my grandpa.  My third reason is that a chess board is mathematical and my dad and my grandpa both are math teachers and we all share a love for math so I have spent  so much time solving problems related to math with my dad which has been a great time to spend with him.  To review I chose a chessboard as my object because my friends play chess and my family plays chess and the chessboard is a mathematical shape so that is why I chose a chessboard. 

Place(s): Brooklyn

– LF

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