Our Water Skis

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My object, water skis, is a symbol of our family lake vacation. The water skis are red, gold and with a little bit of black. These water skis belong to my family.My grandfather still skis on them and I think he might have skied on them when he was younger too. They are pretty cool because of that. 

My grandfather on my dad’s side learned how to water ski when he was young. My mom learned to ski when she was young and so did my dad and my uncles, so it only made sense my sisters my cousin and I learned to ski when we were young too. I have been skiing since I was six or seven. I don’t remember. The point is, we all have a lot of fun at the lake and have since we were little.

My family loves to be at the lake. We go to the lake at least once a year for at least two weeks. Many people don’t know how to do water sports (for example water skiing) and I am glad I can do a very unique thing with my family. 

The reason the water skiis are so important to this tradition is because it reminds me of the lake and how much fun I had with my cousins. My family is so important to me because I have a lot of amazing adventures with them too. These skis are worth to me a lot of money to me because it keeps me and my family together by doing a fun thing together.

This object is really important to me because it reminds me of my family and how thankful I am to be part of this active and caring family. These water skis are important to me and my family because of all the fun times we’ve had.

– L

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