Palm tree family picture

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Family souvenir
Family souvenir

In the picture, l can see my big family and at the same time a beautiful view showing palm trees and the bright ocean.This picture reminds me of both my culture and my big family.
Palm trees are very common in my home country. They are often used as a representation of our culture which is why they are found in most, it not all, souvenirs.
My palm tree family picture is a souvenir given each year at our annual family reunion, where each member receives one. This represents our family reunion and the beauty of our country as, shown in the picture.
On my cellphone l have the palm tree family picture. This for me represents the importance of a strong family bond. It also represents the beauty of my country which l can't always witness.

Place(s): Dominican Republic
Year: 2019

– Belgica Abreu

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