Pink Cups

My object is a set of pink-tinted glass cups with a gold engraving of a bird, and it has a guitar-shaped stand. I think of my great-grandmother who I am named after, my grandmother, and my mom. The cups were only used for decoration, no one ever used it for drinking and weren't allowed to. I first learned about the cups when my grandmother passed the cups down to my mom, my mom told me the cups have been around for almost 50 years in the family. My great-grandmother had first got it when she went to Puerto Rico from her birthplace of Spain. Some people in my family who embrace our Native American side believe they are good luck. I remember always being told not to go near the cups or to even touch them. They still tell me and my brother that we can't touch or hold the cups and if we do have to hold them we have to be very careful. Everytime I see the cups I feel like I have the family I don't know with me. If they were to ever get lost or broken I know it would be an upsetting day because they have been around for so long. I remember when we were moving here we thought we lost the cups and my mom went crazy but.we found them. The cups are very important in my family and they mean a lot to me because they have been around my whole childhood and they remind us of all the women in my life who have loved them.

Year: 1960

– Maria

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