Dutch Mini Pancakes

Dutch mini pancakes
Dutch mini pancakes

My mom is Dutch and has many Dutch traditions that she shares with our family. (This makes me half Dutch). Poffertjes are one of the many traditions. Poffertjes are mini pancakes usually served with powdered sugar or butter. To make these tasty treats, you need to use a special pan. The pan is heavy and smooth. It is dark black and has divots in it. To make them you need to put the special batter in the pan and then cook it until it’s just right.     Whenever I am in Holland I am sure to eat these treats and my grandparents always make them. This traditional food is very important to my grandparents, on my Dutch side, because they ate it as kids and shared the tradition with my family. My Great Grandmother would love poffertjes and it relates back to many generations in my family. Poffertjes are a very special treat that kids get only on rare occasions or if they did something good. This is the reason why I infrequently eat them. However, this makes me enjoy them much more and cherish my culture, family, and traditions.  

Place(s): Holland, the Netherlands, New York


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