Picture Carved in Wood

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Family artifact created by grandfather.
Family artifact created by grandfather.

 When my grandfather was very young, much before he immigrated to America, he created a drawing carved into wood, by hand. He brought this item with him to America, sometime before or during the time when my father was being born,  and it was passed down when he was older. . Today, we keep this item in our house as a decoration, even though it is very old, and a bit ruined.  I recently learned about this item from my father, who told me the origin of the item, and how it was made when my grandfather was actually very young. It is made of a rectangle piece of wood, which was carved into to make a drawing- with my last name on it.  Although this object does not connect to any celebrations or holidays we celebrate, it is special to my family, especially me and my siblings since my grandfather passed away before I was born. This item serves as a memory of him and his work. This sign shows his hard work, as he used a tiny pocket-knife to carve the entirety of the sign, and then paint and frame it. 

Place(s): Italy, New York

– L.P

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant