My special surprise 


This object is a piano. Sounds pretty cool huh! 

Well, my parent bought me that piano.  It is a special object that means to me a lot. 

 I was a good student in school, I had good marks (A sometimes A+) my parents’ goal was, that me and my siblings should become smart enough to be able to answer any question in any subject. 

I’m a person that loves piano, I did not know how to play it yet. Then, once I asked my parents to bring me a piano, they did not respond. 

I thought about studying more and becoming that one smarty pants kid, it was hard! i started doing more math problems and do experiments in science. 

It took me mostly year to prove to them that I am a hard worker. One day, the bell rang, and I went to open the door. When I opened the door, I saw something that I was waiting for so much time. It was my piano! I hugged my parents and cried from happiness. 

This object means to me a lot, in the way that it reminds me of my parents love, whenever I remember that amazing surprise I get so happy. 

I finally learned how to play the piano, it represents my identity. Because I’m the only one that knows how to play piano, and that makes me special 


The end. 

Place(s): unknown

– M

Relationship:  unknown unknown