Patriots Cemetary
Patriots Cemetary

Many of my ancestors fought and died in the Siege of Port Hudson:
Several are buried in Baton Rouge National Cemetery.  One was buried in Patriot's Cemetery.  Identifying this cousin's burial site has proven very difficult.  From what I have discovered so far, it's looking more and more like this New Orleans cemetery does not exist anymore, was destroyed and then covered over, probably because it contained so many Yankee soldiers.  Sereno Alanson Wright was 19 when he died at Marine General Hospital, New Orleans.  New Orleans became a Blue city very early on.  When a solider was wounded in battle and either required surgery or the amputation of a limb AND appeared they would survive transport, they would be transported down river, away from battle to a safe location.  As Sereno died in New Orleans, it indicates: 1) He either needed the amputation of a limb or surgery and 2) the doctors believed he would survive transport.  What is not know, whether his injuries killed him or the surgical procedure itself did.  At the time, there was no anesthetic (other than a shot of whisky.)  There were also no sterile surgical conditions.  It is possible he could have survived surgery only to die of infection shortly thereafter.

Place(s): New Orleans; Baton Rouge; Patriot's Cemetery; Port Hudson
Year: 2002

– Karel Sloane-Boekbinder

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