Photo of my Great-Grandfather

Great-Grandfather in Polish uniform
Great-Grandfather in Polish uniform

My great-grandfather, Brunisław Sulikowski, enlisted in the Polish Army in 1936 following in his father’s footsteps. His father served in the Austro-Hungrian Polish Legions under Józef Piłsudski in World War 1. During the German invasion of Poland my great-grandfather was in the 2nd Mounted Riflemen Regiment. During the Battle of Mokra he was wounded and separated from his regiment. He was quickly taken prisoner by the German Wehrmacht. After managing to escape he tried to regroup with his regiment. Unfortunately he was unable to find them. He then made his way home. For a second time he was taken prisoner by the Germans. This time he was with his family. He was sent to Hohenfels POW camp and stayed there for 6 years. He mined coal for the majority of the time while his wife repaired German uniforms. After being liberated in 1945 he stayed in the camp until 1950. In 1950 he feared being accused of being a spy in communist Poland and decided to take his family to America. After the war, this framed picture was the only thing able to be found relating to his military service.

Year: 1950

– Anthony Sulikowski

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