Photo of my Grandfather

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Picture of my Grandfather
Picture of my Grandfather

My grandfather, Manuel, came to America in 1985 with my grandmother and father, leaving his home and life in Azores, Portugal and coming to Boston, Massachusetts. Although he left behind a life he knew, he brought his kindness, courage and intelligence with him. After several years of working hard and taking different jobs until he began working at a bank, I was born. He was a special kind of person and I am lucky enough to be compared to him even as a child and now. Relatives speak about our humor and always wanting people around us to laugh, or even more physically we both looked similar with light colored eyes which is rare amongst Portuguese people. Both even taking in similar interests of business and accounting as jobs according to him I would become the successful one like him. He passed in 2008 when I was four years old, but his journey from where he started lives on with me and my siblings. He, like many others, came to America for a better life and to provide for generations of our family. Although he is not here to see what our family has become, we are still able to live his American dream. 

Place(s): Azores, Portugal
Year: 1985

– A.S

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant