ornament of mickey because I love disney
ornament of mickey because I love disney

Every Christmas growing up my mom and her siblings would each receive an ornament from their parents that represents something they loved that year. That ornament would be anything from an interest they had, maybe a hobby, or food they especially liked that year. Each ornament was then added to their Christmas tree, so as they grew up the tree filled with all the things the family loves. When my mom had me and my brother, she continued the tradition by giving each of us an ornament every year to add to our Christmas tree. It brings me joy to watch the tree grow every year with the things me and my brother love. Eventually, my brother and I added to the tradition by giving my parents ornaments, too. Every Christmas when my family hangs up my tree and adds the ornament it feels like we are reading the chapter of the story of our lives in the making. The final product of the tree when we are all grown and gone will show my family's story, the same as any photo album would. When I move out, I hope to start my own tree with my future family, but also go back to my original family Christmas tree at my parents' house to add on to that tree as my mom does with her parents. 

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