My grandparents a few weeks before their wedding in Poland, 1944. They got married without the approval of their parents because he was born from the upper- class, wealthy Polish family and inherited a large property of land, and she was from the lower-class polish community of 8 siblings. My grandfather’s parents did not approve of his choice because they wanted him to marry within their social class as a result, my grandmother’s parents were not happy either. Both parents did not attend the wedding nor any other holiday get-togethers. A marriage is a formal arrangement that should merge two families together, but when individuals of different classes marry, it may cause problems between the two families especially because, in those times, parents had a great influence on mate-selection decisions. In 2017 US, individuals have more freedom to independently choose mates and we see more dating outside of the social class. 

Place(s): Poland

– SN

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