Relationship: Im/migrant
Father as a child in Mexico
Father as a child in Mexico

 My dad first lived in Natividad, Oaxaca in Mexico. He lived there for 17 years before he first decided to go over to the United States. His decision to move was because there was no more work in his town. He had siblings already in the United States so he already had someone to go to, and a place to stay. So he went to the United States and went to Calistoga with one of his brothers. He worked there for about a year, and then decided to move back to Mexico again. He moved because he missed his town and the traditions they had. They always had dances during a certain month and week. So he went back to Mexico and stayed there for another year. He needed to find work again and there town hadn’t changed much. He needed to go back to the US again because he needed to work. So he went with his brother to the US again and didn’t go back to Mexico again, because he had a family, my brother, mom and I.

Place(s): California and Oaxaca

– YE

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant