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Relationship: Im/migrant
House that my grandpa built took (2022)
House that my grandpa built took (2022)

Growing up in Brazil, I used to help my father on the farm, with milking the cows and with working the horses. Growing up, my father took care of farm animals in the pasture because my grandpa was too sick and couldn't work anymore. When my grandpa passed away my father stayed taking care of everything. Some of his brothers made comments saying that he was only taking care because he wanted to own everything. But my grandfather always said that my father was the one that made him proud on his lasts days, the one that was working to help him and with no other interests. I love farms, animals, and all the adventures that we have there. When we left to move to the United States, we was very sad, my dad specially knew that no one would take care of my grandpa farm as my grandpa always did.
I always asked my dad about just the comments why he always kept taking care of that place so well when nobody else cared. He said that he wanted to preserve the memories, and happy moments he had there, and that this was my grandfather's dream.

Place(s): Minas Gerais, Brazil
Year: 2019

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