Great-grandfather- surgery

This is a photo of my great-grandfather, Lewis Pitkovski. He is doing surgery in Vienna, Austria. He was practicing to be a doctor, the same thing my grandfather did after him, and the same my father did after him. This photo was well after Lewis started his career. My family is a legacy of doctors. I hope that one day I will be able to uphold this. Lewis, the man I was named after, changed my family. He brought my family fortune and he brought my family to America through Ellis Island. He changed our last name because he thought it was too Jewish and would help him fit in if he changed it. My family doesnt mind that he changed our name. We like to think that he christiend our family in a way. The name change was a representation of a new beginning, a new life. I aspire to be like him, to be able to give my loved ones the future they deserve.

Place(s): a=Austria

– Lola Pitman

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