My object is Pho, I chose this object for it is a traditional food eaten in Vietnam. We typically eat this cuisine when it’s a special day, whenever someone comes over. My father learned it from his father, who was an amazing chef. My mother learned from him,and adapted it from my father. Soon I learned, and it inspired me to become a chef. To this day want to become a chef, and learn, taste and experience new cuisines.  Pho is typically made from beef or chicken, beef is typically very rich, on the other hand chicken is very light. Pho is made with many fragrant herbs, and spices. Pho is cooked for a very long time, it takes hours and hours making the broth. Even more the broth is very complicated, And many mistakes can come up. Pho was the first few things to cook, it’s my favorite to make. Pho is a great thing to eat during winter, or on a raining day. Pho makes me happy because it warms me up whenever I’m sad, or depressed. Pho brings joy, and a welcoming feeling to my family and others, we welcome.  Soon my family moved to America with the recipe passed on to me. My parents we’re from South Vietnam, the Pho we make down South is more rich, beefy. Pho topping are herbs, brisket, Vietnamese meatballs, And rare thinly sliced beef.  Pho is a food we eat as a family and dates back all the way to our elders, and ancestor we eat to remember the past and all the things we go through.

Year: 1980

– Steven

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child