Spearbeck Family Recipe Book

The front of our recipe book.
The front of our recipe book.

When I find myself baking, whether it’s for a holiday or I am just in the mood, I will always give it my all. I imagine it’s much the same for my parents who, a few years ago, bought a recipe book. My entire life I’ve watched my parents cook both simple and complex foods with my dad grilling anything from steak to cheeseburgers, and my mother making dishes like lasagna and fettuccine. They made dishes which were, for the most part, better than anything I would end up having anywhere else. I believe this is where my fascination with cooking came from. The ingredients that I would never think to use coming together to make a special dish.
Right now, the book may not be anything special, but I hope that one day it will be filled with recipes for food I’ve learned to love and create. Eventually, that book will be full. I would love to one day be able to pass down recipes that I use like the cheesecakes and cookies I enjoy making so much. Even if I’m not the one to pass it down, I’d like recipes that I’ve used to be passed down with it. Regardless of where the book is to go, I’m fortunate to have inherited that passion for cooking and baking that my parents have. More than anything, I want to pass down not only the book, but also the love that my parents and I have for cooking.

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