Matzo Ball Soup

Traditional matzo ball soup
Traditional matzo ball soup

Matzo ball soup is the center of a Passover meal and the epitome of Jewish culture.  Any person, whether or not Jewish, can identify with the story of Passover and the symbolism represented in matzo ball soup.  Every year over Passover, my family from across the country gathers at my Bubbe's dining room table for seder.  Sitting shoulder to shoulder, we read the haggadah and reflect on the history of our Jewish ancestors.  In Judaism, Passover memorializes the freeing of Hebrew slaves from Egypt and the sacrifices our enslaved ancestors made.  Matzo is symbolic of the unleavened bread Jews ate while fleeing Egypt.  With matzo meal, every year, my cousins and I sit with my Bubbe and mold the matzo balls for our seder.  Over matzo ball soup, we gather with family we may have not seen for years.  For this reason, Passover is not only a story of my ancestors, but a story of uniting family.  My irreplaceable memories of Passover are integrated in the matzo meal and flavor the chicken broth.  From my ancestors' plates to my bowl today, matzo ball soup is a part of my history.

Place(s): New York

– Madeline Goodwin

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