Philippe Charriol Watch

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Philippe Charriol Watch (circa 1997-99)
Philippe Charriol Watch (circa 1997-99)

With my curiosity piqued, I grew more intrigued by the backstory behind a pair of watches that was lovingly owned by my grandparents. I can imagine my grandparents browsing through jewelry stores in the streets of Paris. as new parents visiting different boutiques and shops in the streets of Paris. Both come from a fine jewelry brand from their travels to France - it was initially purchased as a his and hers set. Over the summer, my grandfather gifted the larger watch to my mother, stating that she could pass down her watch to me as I have come of age. I remember getting ready for my younger brother’s little league basketball practice and fastening the watch onto my right wrist. Before this, I had only tried on the watch for a short time but now, I could claim it as mine. My grandmother moved to America with my grandfather to follow their daughter, my mother, and her journey into motherhood. “When I die, I want to pass these down to you,” she would tell me as she laid dainty golden hoops in my ears or a shimmering diamond necklace on my neck. Playing dress up with her was a part of the core memories that I hold dear to my heart. Having a part of her that I carry with me every day makes me want to work harder for her and my grandfather. Although the watch has not been fully functional since I started wearing it, it still holds great meaning to me and represents my family and our story.

Place(s): Philippines, United States
Year: 2007

– Jianna Aganon

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant