Paper Plane

In Fun
Relationship: Im/migrant

         One day at lunch time, I went out to get some food around the corner. After I got my sandwich that I decided to get, I walked back to school and sat down on the floor of the hallway. I started eating the sandwich and time just went by. Once I finished it, there was still around 20 minutes left before lunch ends so I thought of things to do in the meanwhile. I came up with the idea to fold things out of papers that I don’t need anymore like the ones the school handed out for programs that I’m not interested in. I took out some papers and started folding things. I first folded a box that you can throw you garbage in, then I made a boat. After that, I wanted to fold a plane that can glide around. I made a plane that I learned from a friend back in middle school. At this time, Advisory was about to start so I put everything I made so far into the box and headed towards class. When it was time for E-Block I’d dint feel like holding these so I threw the plane and boat away and gave the box to my advisor. The next day in Advisory, I got bored again so I took my second schedule that I don’t need anymore because I already have 3 and made this plane. It has been with me since that day.

Place(s): New York

– Kevin Chen

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant