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Paint she gave me
Paint she gave me

My grandmother had a weird and fun personality which is why I loved hanging out with her. She was always wearing leopard prints and things that would look ugly anywhere else but she could strangely enough make it work. She used to love painting creepy dolls and I would help her hide it everywhere when we would have halloween parties. One time we even hid one in my uncles’ bed. She is actually where I got my love of painting from. Before she died I would always go over to her house to paint with her. Funny enough her paintings didn’t reflect her personality at all as they were always serious and realistic though they all looked very professional. Looking at her artwork you could always tell how much she loved what she was doing though and how passionate she was about her art. She even had her own room in her house dedicated to painting. When she died I was the one who got to go in her room and pick out any art supplies I might want or need since none of her other grandchildren painted as much as I did. I picked out some paint and a few paint brushes and now I get to use the paint brushes that she used to paint with. While I don’t think that it makes my paintings look better I can feel like she’s with me when I’m painting. 

– GP

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