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Computer I talk about in story
Computer I talk about in story

 I got my PC in May of 2019 after scrounging up just enough money by selling a bunch of stuff that I didn’t use anymore. I had an old macbook that I got when I was 9 after saving up 1000 dollars from birthdays and christmas. I had it for about 5 years and it started to break down so I sold it for $200. After getting about $800 dollars I ordered all the parts I wanted to put in it. I had been researching parts for months upon months beforehand. About a week after the parts came I had two friends come over and they helped me build it. One friend was very helpful, but the other lied about knowing lots of things when it comes to building these, so he wasn’t much help in the end. We spent about four and a half hours working on it until they had to go. After they left, me and my dad decided to try to power it on for the first time. After a while of trying it would turn on, and I was pretty upset. We spent the next week troubleshooting and found that the issue was from when my one friend put in my CPU and had bent some pins on it. Somehow my dad was able to get the pins back into place. After trying that we tried powering on the PC one more time, and it worked! I now use this PC everyday, for things like playing games, to writing this essay. Even though it isn’t an important thing to my heritage, family, or culture, it is still a very important thing to me. 

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant