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Dragon Ball Z Goku Pose
Dragon Ball Z Goku Pose

This Dragon Ball Z figure is kinda important to me because despite it being a little silly about favoriting a figure at this age, It still has a deeper meaning to it, my dad was always in love with these kind of fighting action shows, including Dragon Ball Z, I remember he always wanted a figure of goku doing his pose but never got the chance at his kid age, which is why I wanted to honor his younger self by buying myself the figure, as a sign that hopes and dreams can be shared and given to other people.  Furthermore, The figure represents my family’s culture by showing that not everyone needs to achieve their own dreams, family and friends can support and continue that dream, that way, all dreams can be achieved without holding it back or regretting it.  Which is why I always have my hopes and dreams because I know one day those dreams of mine will come true, whether it's from me, my friends, my family, or even future generations.

– Carlos Jimenez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant