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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

When I was born my family told me that I was born with lots of hair. when I was 2 years old my hair was where my hips my mom said that a lot of people told her “wow senora your daughter has long hair” my mom will giggle and say yeah. Ounce my auntie told my mom before I left Honduras I saw my mom the last time I hugged her and I braised her long hair which was almost longer then her and I left she also said that my auntie saw me with my long hair she told my mom ur daughter has our mothers hair my mom shouted like if her memory came back and said your right when I was 10 my mama(grandma) called and told me hi love how are you I replied good you mama we talked for like 40 minutes and after we hang-up she told me honey promises me you will never cut your hair I replied why she replied back because that’s where I grab my strength the years past and I forgot what my mama said to me so during when I was 13 years old I cut my hair all the way up to my neck my grandma stared to get sick and stared getting hospital bills and, so my mom called my mama to see if she was okay and the only thing my mama said “did jennyfer cut her hair” my mom answered “si porque”my mom was thinking  that my mama was crazy my mama replied “ohh por nada solo pregunto”my mom told me about it what my mama said and it was like if I got my memory back and I got said I was not happy with my hair so I let it grow and noticed that my mama has been getting better so I feel that my strength and my mamas strength  too. 

Place(s): honduras, united states
Year: 2003

– jennyfer

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant