Hippo Stuffed animal

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Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is a stuffed animal hippopotamus. He has a name it’s Poe. I named him Poe, because it’s half of hippo. I was a baby at the time so Poe was easier to say than hippo or hippopotamus. Poe was given to me on my first birthday by a guy named Mike, a close friend of my mom’s.
Poe has big black eyes, an adorable smile and a once plump body turned skinny. Poe is a little stained from markers and unknown substances. With having Poe for so long he has a couple holes and stitches. Even with his flaws Poe is the greatest pillow of all time. Right between his head and his little body is the best neck rest.  My relationship with Poe is very deep. I have such an emotional connection to Poe. Poe is the best therapist there is. When I’m feeling down Poe is my tissue, or when I need a hug he’s always there. Even when he needs to be restuffed, he will always be my pillow. The reason I cherish Poe so much is because I think Poe is an accomplishment for keeping a stuffed animal for as long as I did. This stuffed animal hippo has been in my life for 11 whole years. That’s a long time.  It’s like Poe’s a gold trophy no one's ever won. 

Year: 2006

– C

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant