Ocean City, MD

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This candy shop is my familys favorite!
This candy shop is my familys favorite!

It has been a family tradition to come to Ocean City. We have been coming here since before I was born when my grandpa was a little kid. My mom's whole side of the family comes and we all always have soo much fun! My grandpa has been getting the same condo from when he was a kid, it is the top right corner of the Finseast condos on 88th street. Me and my mom, dad, and two brothers always go to the boardwalk together as a family before vacation ends and eat french fries, my dad and I always go to the ballon pop stand so I can get a prize. Every year my grandpa and I go for a bike ride along the boardwalk and then go out to eat breakfast and get everyone in the condo donuts. Not everyone stays in the same condo though most of my cousins and aunts and uncles get a condo across from ours. My family, my grandparents, and one of my uncle and aunts stay in the condo in finseast. My family and I always go to Fractured Prune donuts to bring home donuts for everybody. They even say on the box that they are extremely addictive and delicious and not too eat them all the time! We even have tournaments, such as the koob tournament, Spikeball tournament, and the Kid Olympics(which you can't do after you turn thirteen)! I have won the kid Olympics 2-3 times but now that I outgrew it I think Spikeball is my favorite. I practice a lot and I will not give up!  So I think that this is something I am going to remember my whole life, and I would not trade my memories of sandcastles, boogie-boarding, and obstacle courses here for all the money in the world!

Place(s): Candy Kitchen, Old pro golf, the boardwalk, get gnarley, the beach!

– NT

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