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My Family and our Instruments
My Family and our Instruments

Music is something that is important to my family because it has been around a long time in my family. Music was important to both my mom and dad’s family. My dad played 2 instruments. He played some clarinet, and lots of saxophone. My mom played instruments as well. She played piano, and clarinet. They have passed the love for music down to me and I now play clarinet, guitar, a bit of saxophone. I play more instruments than them!!! Music is something my family enjoys and something that  is important and it means a lot to us. Me and my family go to concerts together, practice together, and much more. We encourage each other when we are having a hard time. We're always ready to try new things with music, and when I get frustrated with my instruments they don’t get upset, they sit down and help me.  My family was always big on music. We'll always have music in my family, whether or not they play it or listen to it. Me and my family do both! Music is mainly connected to my dad and mom, and how they consider music being important. A few questions I have for my family, did any of my great great grandparents bring instruments with them? If so, why were they brought?

Place(s): Brooklyn

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