Niño Jesus

It all began when her parents came to United States for the first time in 1994. Both of them immigrating to United States for better future and for support their families more. As many immigrants, they confronted many barriers in order to make their dream. Their dream was to live a better life than the one they were living in their countries. Of course and as usually parents wants the best for their children and Natalia’s ( Real Name not used) parents always remind her that. By looking at the necklace there is the baby Jesus which protect Natalia overall. This gold necklace was the first gift her parents gift her and she has carrier since the age of three. This is the necklace that gives her the strength of continue in college and working at the same time. As a child of immigrants parents, she feel the necessity of helping or paying back to her parents all what they have done for her.She is 19 years old now and go to classes five days per week and goes to work three days. Works 10 hours and all the money she gains she give it to her parents without thinking twice.With the lacking of time she miss classes for catch up the homework' and studying she has miss. Because of the pression she has few time, she said she feel “Sometimes I may wish not to work because like that I will be like a normal student who just go to college and enjoy.” Studying and working makes her feel she is not enjoying life, but she is happy in helping her parents and always in front of them she show them

Year: 1999

– JR

Relationship:  unknown unknown