Someone From San Juan

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos.
Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos.

In the 2000s, my mother Maria Hernandez, after planning for 10 years with the help of her parents, decided it was time to take a step into a new reality. Perhaps the idea of a better life stimulated her decision (most likely), or perhaps this widely known idea of the American Dream grabbed her attention. Whatever it was, she quickly discovered the actuality. The resourceful truth is that the idea of a better life in America has decreased in probability dramatically since the 1960s. During the 2000s, moving to America was irresponsible due to the low percentage of long term financial success if one decided to stick with a monotonous job and simultaneously expect easy outcomes. She happened to come from a lucrative area in Mexico that isn’t really commonly known outside of Mexico. The place she came from is called San Juan Delos Lagos, Jalisco. This place essentially has a lot of business due to Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos venerated by the local faithful. Napa and San Juan Delos Lagos seem to both be popular tourist attractions inside of their proper regions.  Maria currently works at a light manufacturing company in engineering. She is still in the taciturn stages of English, nonetheless she is very happy to have learned some English. I don’t enjoy making prophetic opining of events currently still in motion, but the decision to immigrate to the U.S. was a very successful & positive road taken apropos to the alternative in San Juan Delos Lagos. A small discreet town where she would go unnoticed by the outside world to another small town.

Place(s): San Juan Delos Lagos, the United States, and Napa Valley
Year: 2000

– JA

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant