Naturalization Papers

Relationship: Im/migrant
Picture of Naturalization Papers
Picture of Naturalization Papers

 My object is my great-great grandfather’s immigration papers from when he immigrated here from Italy. The papers themselves are quite old and are starting to turn slightly beige. My grandmother has searched records from Ellis Island on my great great grandfather, but none were found leading us to believe he either came here illegally, or he was processed somewhere else on the East Coast. An interesting thing to note is that these are his “naturalization papers” meaning he received these after staying in the US for a short period of time. The papers say they are from Hudson County, New Jersey, but I am not sure if that is where he lived or if that is where the papers were filed. I connect with this object because not only is he family and it is important to know our family history, but also because he changed his name when he was naturalized. Once in the US, he changed his name to “Charles Terrace”. Before he came to the US, his name was “Angelo Terriciano”. I think it is very cool that I share the same name as one of my ancestors. This object connects to my identity because I tend to identify with my Italian heritage through food and traditions. This object is important to me because I strongly believe that we have to keep track of our ancestors so that we know where we came from, and they are not forgotten. 

Place(s): New Jersey
Year: 1950

– Angelo Baracco

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant