Citizenship Certificate

here I am showing off my citizen ship
here I am showing off my citizen ship

my name is Jessica Duffus-High, I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. I first migrated to the united of America, on February 13, 2008. when I first came I didn't have a Green Card, so I had to gain status through married, in order for me to get my stay. getting my green card was the most exciting moment in my life but becoming a citizen of the united state was even better to shared the American dream. This certificate of citizenship  I'm holding in my hand is a very important document that has given me hope and access to be apart of this great country, America. It has help me go to college and bring my other siblings to the united stated of America to gain the same oppertunity as I am. looking back on the day I sweared in to become an American citizen was the most memorable day of my life.

Place(s): New York
Year: 2008

– Jessica Duffus-High

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