Mystery vase

Relationship: unknown

This object is a vase. The vase is made up of brass, gold ,and natural color rocks. This vase is a Chinese made object. I’m not sure what the symbols mean but by looking at the amount of Chinese looking symbol, I know it was made by a chinese human. The vase has multiple faces and combinations of dragons depending on the angle you visual the vase. This masterpiece is owned by my parents. This vase was passed down to my father from the past generations. The vase has been cleaned thoroughly and taken to someone who speaks Chinese to determine the meaning of the symbols, but no answers just big offers of money. To this date the symbols remain unknown to us. On a special event and guest are at the house, they ask questions about the vase. Annually, the story of the vase is told after many times that I have heard the story. This usually happens on July 4; the holiday.

Place(s): Riverdale

– Ivan

Relationship:  unknown unknown