Irish Poem

This is a photo of my moms poem.
This is a photo of my moms poem.

This is an Irish poem. My mom is Irish but was raised in Manhattan. I love to read this every now and then. This object is created with paper, string, wood, and ink. The green paper is attached to the wood, and the wood is attached to a green string so you can hang it up. The buttermilk color paper is folded in the corners and made skinnier in the sides, it looks kind of like it was ripped but it wasn't. The paper and string have no smell, but they are harder and less floppy than normal paper and string. It's beautiful and I love to read it. My mom keeps it hung up in her closet. 
This artifact is important to me because I love to read it, and it helps me learn about Ireland but I'm not copying the object from Ireland my brother used. My brother also went to PS130 and he did this project, but he used an object from Ireland that my mom has too. He used a shiny stone. 
Around the time of my mom's wedding she felt like she wanted something to remind her of Ireland, so my mom bought it from a store that imports things from other far away places because my mom has never been to Ireland herself. So we’ve had it for a long time because my mom and dad have been married for years. It is a very beautiful poem as you can see. 
I wish I could ask my ancestors things like, what's Ireland like? Did they like it there? If they had the choice knowing what they know about New York would they have chosen to stay in Ireland? Were there family members they had to leave that I would still have in Ireland? This Artifact is really special to me and my mom, I'm happy I chose to do my project on it.

Place(s): Ireland

– SP

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant