My Treasured Pendent

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My silver plumeria necklace
My silver plumeria necklace

Spending my childhood in Hawaii and moving back to Las Vegas to attend school was something I never grew fond of. When I was younger, Hawaii was where I spent every school break I had. Hawaii soon became my home. I dreaded saying goodbye to my family who lived there, and I yearned for the next time I would travel back. As I got older, the constant traveling to Hawaii came to a halt. School was becoming my main priority. But, the birthday present my grandma gifted me in 2020 was something I would soon treasure forever. A silver plumeria necklace. To her, it was just a piece of jewelry that she assumed I wouldn’t wear often, but to me it meant everything. I have worn that necklace every day of my life since. It reminds me of how kind and thoughtful my grandma is.  The plumeria flower represents new beginnings, beauty, grace and charm. Such a simple, yet beautiful flower that lives throughout a place that will always be considered home to me. This necklace reminded me to always value who I am. It taught me that no matter what hardships come through my life, it will always pass. There will always be a chance towards a new, fresh start in my life. My past helps shape who I am, but these experiences I’ve encountered do not define me. Nonetheless, my grandma always reminded me of how beautiful and talented I was. She has been the one person who, without fail, celebrated my accomplishments with me. I will treasure my grandma– my built in best friend, through this small necklace. 

Place(s): Honolulu, Hawaii

– Crystalyn Nevaeh Estabillo

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant