My Silver Sugar Bowl

Relationship: Im/migrant

One of best things that I received in my whole life is my silver sugar bowl. It is a small piece carved in silver with an incomparable brilliance and smooth texture. It always beautifies the place in which it is. Even though this piece is only two inches tall, it contains an immense sentimental value that exceeds its small size.This beloved object is very meaningful to me for two very important reasons. Firstly, it was a beautiful gift that my parents received on their wedding day. But also, it is the only object that with the passage of time has remained intact through 45 years of my parents’ marriage. When I was younger, my mother never allowed my brothers and me to put our hands on this valuable object. But three decades later, unexpectedly one day, she gave me this wonderful relic. So since that moment, I have felt very proud for having received this invaluable family heirloom. I still do not know why my mother gave it to me, but I hope someday to ask her face to face and overall secretly. Because I suppose it is because of something mysterious and hidden by my mother that could hurt the feelings of my siblings. Indeed some years ago, when I lived in the Dominican Republic my younger sister was suspected of stealing my beautiful sugar bowl, because she wanted it, too. In essence, my silver sugar bowl is very important, because initially, it was part of the beautiful story of my parents’ life, now is part of my life, so I hope that it will be part of the next generation.

Year: 2014

– Rosemary Francisco

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant