My mothers bible

My mothers oldest bible
My mothers oldest bible

My mother was always a religious women, even as a child. She was born in New York and as an infant she moved to Florida Miami to live with her grandparents, who were also religious. She always went to church, reads the bible, prayed before going to bed and even listened to gospel music. The bible is very important to her and means a lot to her.  In my house I have a bible opened up on a certain page, that my mom had put the first day we've been here. Anytime we move my mom opens up a page in her bible, I don't know what that means but I know it is important for her to do so. She also keeps tags and high lights in her bibles, to show what is important or inspires her. Also she has rings in it i don't know why but she does. And she has me and my siblings names in it. My mom believes that the more you pray and wish god will answer your questions. My father isn't really a believer but he loves my mom so he supports her through out everything. I don't know if it is passed down or if she had it given to her by a priest but I know that my mothers bible is very special to her and it means the world to her. I personally am not a person of religion but I will forever believe my mother and everything she says.

Place(s): New York

– H.E

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