A Bible and a Ring

Holy Bible
Holy Bible

My mom told me that the ring was small and skinny enough to fit in a cut out part of the back of the bible just enough to fit it and hide it. They placed the ring in there, stuffed the exact space with cloth, then took a piece of cloth to cover the hole back of the bible and hide the ring a bit better.  When they came into the country, they were scared that the ring would be found and taken away. However only some officers got suspicious, but didn't do anything to prove that could prove the ring was there. Since, it looked just like a bible cover and there wasn't any sign, at first glance, of the ring being there. If you read to the end of this, then you’re probably wondering what made the ring so important, well it wasn't anything precious to us at the time, my family actually planned to sell the ring when they got to America so that they would have a bit of money to live off of. However, when they tried to sell the ring, nobody was willing to buy it. Some saying, it was fake, others that it wasn’t worth a dime. So in the end they were never able to sell it sadly and had to work from the ground up. But I’m glad that they weren't able to sell it, because if they did, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you the story I’m you telling today.  

Place(s): Poland

– Katarina G.

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