My Mom’s Grenadian Cloth

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
    My Mom’s Grenadian Cloth
My Mom’s Grenadian Cloth

 My mom has this Grenadian cloth that represents her country and where she was born.She normally wears it around the house but doesn’t take it outside. She used to  wear it back in her country. It’s made of fabric and it’s the color of the flag which is red, yellow and green.
I chose this object because it represents me and my moms country. It teaches more about my culture.My mom has had this cloth for 20+ years and it makes her happy to have it because it's related to her culture.
This cloth is important to my mom because it was handed down from my moms mom to her and she still has it till this very day. Maybe it'll be passed down to me when I get a bit older. t's also used to wrap around your waist. 

Questions that I have for my mom is:

  • When do you wear this cloth?

  • Why don't you wear it outside? 

  • What does this cloth symbolize? 

  • Who gave your mom the cloth?
  • Place(s): Grenada

    – CA

    Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant