Country Cloth

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My country cloth from my Grandma
My country cloth from my Grandma

My object is a cloth, this object is called country cloth in my country, this object was made in Liberia, my object was made with thread. This object was given to me by my Grandma in my country when I was coming to the United States.  People who wear this cloth are senator, or we called them Chief. I love this cloth and I don’t want to lose it, this cloth reminds me about my Grandma. She is old and sometimes I think that I will not see her anymore but this cloth makes me feel like I am around her or she is around me. This cloth represents me as an African also as a Liberian.  I will keep this cloth to show it to my children in the future and tell them about my Grandma.  We can wear this cloth on special events like, when Africans are meeting or having parties.  I haven’t worn this cloth, because I am thinking about how to sew it, because I don’t want to just sew it, maybe when I sew it the cloth may look small within a few years, so I will keep it instead of sewing it.  I love my Grandma so much that I can’t think about losing this cloth.

Place(s): Liberia (Monrovia)
Year: 2018

– B.P.W

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child