My Little Librito

Relationship: Im/migrant

My little librito is a notebook like a small gift box. It feels like a little wooden plank. It is pink and bright, smells like plastic, and it is light. I got it in a 99 cents store in Brooklyn after I read a book in school called The Circuit. It is important to me, because I can write vocabulary and new words that I find around me, and learn them while I am riding in the train. The Circuit is about a Mexican child called Panchito who came here with his undocumented family. According to him, when he was in school, he had to learn many vocabulary words that the teacher gave him, so he bought a small notebook where he wrote all the vocabulary and new words that he found in the newspaper, too. Then, he learned and memorized them while he was working in the fields. He called his notebook his little librito. In fact, that was what made me adopt the idea of Panchito so that I could also learn and memorize new vocabulary while I’m at work and on the train. I am grateful to have found that book because it gave me a new method to learn English.

Year: 2006

– Celsa Pena

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant