Gold Watch

Buried in my father’s sock drawer, lies a gold watch that was originally my great – grandfather’s. The watch has a silver face with silver hands and scuff marks from the decades of daily use. Surrounding the face is a fluted bezel and shiny white gold links. Everyone knew a watch’s purpose and having a gold watch represented some sort of wealth. My great grandfather’s goal however wasn’t to boast but to give himself a sense of accomplishment. It was a reminder of the the hard work put in order to buy this valuable item. The watch was later passed down to my grandfather and has been worn to numerous social gatherings. Its classic design raises many questions about its condition, history, and remains as a stylish accessory today. My grandfather, after inheriting the watch wanted to fulfill his dream of opening his own restaurant. He took the watch as inspiration to pursue to his lifelong goal. After moving to America and putting his life savings towards running his business, my grandfather named the restaurant “Oriental Pearl”, the model of the watch. The watch now belongs to my father and was given to him when he was 18. Growing up, he learned how the watch played a major role in shaping my family’s history. Today, my father refuses to polish the the watch as the scratches and dirt represent the past endeavors of him and his ancestors. He proudly wears the timepiece on his wrist eager to tell the story of his family to anyone who asks.

Year: 1945

– Ryan Ng

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