My Jeepney

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My Jeepney
My Jeepney

My JeepneyI’m bringing in a wooden Jeepney. A jeepney is a taxi/trolly that is in the Philippines. It is used for transportation, it’s mostly used by anyone ( and mostly everyone) in the Philippines, whether it's to go to work or just to go to the store. In the Philippines it's made out of metal, but my mini one here is made out of wood. ( FUN FACT: in the Philippines they go over the top with decorations and colors so people will want to ride them, isn't that soooooo cool!!
I chose my jeepney because I thought it would be really fun to learn about with you guys! Its connected to my Lolo and Lola ( grandma and grandpa in the Filipino language Tagalog (ta ga log)) moved separately to the United Stated and then they met each other at work. I think it reminds them of their hometown in the Philippines. ( FUN FACT: A jeepney has a little step on the back that some people ride on if the inside is full!)
Some questions that I still have are…” how many people can fit on a jeepney??”“How do you catch a jeepney? Is it like a taxi that you have to hail , or like a bus where there are stops?”

Thanks for letting me tell you about my Jeepney!!!!

Place(s): Phillipines
Year: 1980

– Isabella

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant