Juan Martinez's stuffed frog

Stuffed felt frog toy.
Stuffed felt frog toy.

 This is one of the few things that has actually made it all the way from where I was born, in Colombia, to Venezuela where my parents took me, to the coast of Colombia again, and then to the States, and then back to Colombia, and then back to the States. My parents had gotten it for me, and I suppose I must’ve hung onto it because I loved it. It was my “lovey.” One thing that I had noticed about that little tiny frog that made this ridiculous journey back and forth between continents a couple times was that it was actually made in the U.S. It was a stuffed felt frog from back in the days when a lot of manufactured toys were made in the U.S. It’s back home, I guess. I accidentally brought this object back to where it was originally made from, but it was in the jungles of Venezuela for at least seven years. 

Place(s): Colombia and Venezuela

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child