Living in Mexico in the 80/90s

Mountain view of Escobedo taken last summer
Mountain view of Escobedo taken last summer

This project will include my dad and how he grew up in the town of Escobedo which is located in Durango, Mexico and this project I and we can know how my dad grew up, how it was, and the technological evolution if there was any, but then I would get into more personal questions like how school was like, and if he played a sport, and what did he first work at, and all other questions that will discover how he lived in Durango. Also I will find out how he found the differences of Durango to Arizona when he came to the United States and started to adapt to the new lifestyle of the new language, climate change and the new technology that he could access that he couldnt in Mexico, also the new advanced TV. I will also find out how he realized to move to Illinois and why did he, and how it was like since there wasn't as much family in Illinois than in Arizona or Mexico and he was ready to begin his new life in the United States of America

Place(s): Escobedo, Durango. Mexico, arizona

– Christian

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